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The “Games for good” project was launched on the football field


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On July 1st the teams of Aurubis Bulgaria, TechnoLogica and Overgas participated in the football tournament which was part of the “Games for good” project.

The three teams competed in the name of a specific cause which they had preselected:

  • Aurubis Bulgaria participated in order to help the medical treatment of two children from the Pirdop area
  • TechnoLogica’s players took part in the tournament so that they could donate the financial prize to the children studying at the summer research school of the Students’ institute for mathematics and informatics
  • The team of Overgas dedicated their participation to young people with disabilities

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New member – Postbank

Post BankUNGC Network Bulgaria is happy to announce the addition of its new member – Postbank.

Investments in sustainable development are a key element in Postbank’s operations. The team of the financial institution firmly believes that the development of long-term business sustainability is closely linked to the overall well-being and development of society. 

Post bank

The mission of the Bank is to be a full participant in the processes through which the Bulgarian society passes and it its position of a leading financial institution, to support projects in some of the main spheres of public life such as education, culture, sports and environmental care.

Among some of the major projects of the bank are the financial literacy campaigns, Postbank Business Run charity event, the internal  programme ‘Green together with Postbank’, the partnership with the American University in Bulgaria, the National Commercial Banking School and many others. Postbank works with some of the largest non-governmental organizations in Bulgaria and strives to be their long-term partner. For its corporate social responsibility projects, the bank has been awarded a number of national and international awards.

UNGC Network Bulgaria is eager to work on mutual projects with the team of Postbank.


The winners from the “Rediscover your nature” short story competition


On June 5th , during the World Environment Day, at the Earth and Man National Museum in Sofia, we announced the winners of the short story competition held under the motto “Rediscover your nature”.

“For the first time I felt the green, the spider net on the tree leaf, the air between the bird’s feathers, the broken wood bark… At that moment, sitting on the bench under the tree, I was the happiest person in the world.”, this is part of Ani Haralanova’s short narrative, which she read for the rest of the participants during the award ceremony. Read more 


Bulgaria received an award from the UN Global Compact for its programme that teaches the companies and the customers on responsible consumption

  • The Bulgarian network of the UN Global Compact received an award for its project “The Responsible choice”
  • Project’s main message is that every person’s word and action matters when it comes to creating a positive change in the community, in the corporations and at the citizens.



Delhi/Sofia, 03.05.2017 – the Bulgarian programme “The Responsible choice”, targeting the responsible consumption and production, received one of the five prestigious international awards of the UN Global Compact. The award was handed out during the Annual summit of the UN Global Compact that took place in India under the slogan “Making Global Goals Local Businesses”. The awarded project is both created and executed by the Bulgarian network of the UN Global Compact. Read more 



The Sustainable Development Goals: The Breakthrough Opportunity of Our Time

The following is an article by Lise Kingo, CEO & Executive Director of the UN Global Compact, published on 26 Apill 2017 in Silicon India

Lise-KingoWelcome to Anthropocene: Age of Man. The geologic epoch where man’s impact is expected to leave its mark in the geologic record, long after our cities have crumbled. It replaces Holocene, an era that began 10,000 years ago after the end of the second ice age. At the brink of this Age of Man, our current economic system has resulted in a series of concerning events — climate change and extreme weather, natural resource depletion, threats to food security, biodiversity, lack of access to arable land, fresh air and water, large-scale human migration, antimicrobial resistance, and a steep rise in lifestyle-related diseases. It has also resulted in unacceptable levels of extreme poverty and inequality in our world. The fact that we need to change something shouldn’t be in any doubt.

The magnitude of these challenges requires a disruption of a symmetrical scale. It will take significant creativity and effort to foster the changes needed to eliminate poverty, reduce inequality and protect our planet. Read more


DISCOVER YOUR TALENT! European Vocational Skills Week



European Vocational Skills Week, 5-9 December 2016

Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion

Around half of Europe’s workforce has benefited from vocational education and training (VET). As a result, thanks to well-trained staff with up-to-date skills, companies and organisations are stronger and more competitive. They also contribute to smart and sustainable growth.

The European Vocational Skills Week is being organised to demonstrate the positive aspects of VET and to showcase concrete examples of excellence and quality. The Global Compact Local Network Bulgaria became part of the European Vocational Skills Week with its initiative „Children’s Bazaar of Professions“.

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GCLN Bulgaria’s Strategic Plan 2015+ on SDGs handed to Mrs. Bokova, UNESCO Director-General

On 19th May 2016 a public discussion on „Sustainable Development Goals: Better World by 2030“ was held in Sofia, Bulgaria. Keynote speaker was Mrs. Irina Bokova, UNESCO Director-General and candidate for UN Secretary General. In her inspiring speech sheIMG_56241 stressed the importance of the 17 Sustainable Goals, that had been elaborated and would be implemented for the first time in close cooperation with governments, civil society, the private sector and academia.

Mr. Ognian Trajanov, Chairperson of the National Council of GCLN Bulgaria, was one of the panelists in the discussion during the meeting and presented Mrs. Bokova with a Personalized Copy of the Strategic Plan 2015+ as a guarantee for its implementation. Learn more.


Employees from Leading Companies Will Receive Training on Informed and Responsible Consumption

1269336_1232674383414266_8387785735693608378_oOn the World Consumer Rights Day (15th March) the Bulgarian Local Global Compact Network launched the second edition of the ‘Responsible Choice’ programme under the slogan ‘One Matters’. The initiative aims at providing the citizens with an increasingly proactive stance thus imparting to them the confidence that their everyday choices and acts matter.

The programme was launched in 2015 as a result of the ideas of member-companies of the GC Network Bulgaria – Overgas Inc. (JSC), Sopharma (JSC), TechnoLogika, ContourGlobal Maritsa Iztok 3 (JSC), University of Finance, Business, and Entrepreneurship, and Mobiltel (JSC) , with the participation of the Executive Director of the United Nations Global Compact, Mr. Georg Kell.

The ‘Responsible Choice’ is part of the 2015+ Strategic Plan of the GC Network Bulgaria which was presented in the beginning of March and concerns the work agenda on the UN Sustainable Development Goals; the Programme falls under Goal 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production. Read more


The Responsible Business in Bulgaria with an Action Plan on the UN Sustainable Development Goals

The Responsible Business in Bulgaria with an Action Plan on the UN Sustainable Development Goals

The first discussion meeting on the UN Sustainable Development Goals titled “THE BUSINESS – A FORCE FOR GOOD” took place in Bulgaria only 5 months after the adoption of the Goals during the summit meeting in New York. The event was with the special participation of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, Mr. Rosen Plevneliev, who presented his vision on Bulgaria’s involvement in the implementation work on the Goals.

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Детски базар на професиите

• За да запознаете децата си с различни професии
• За да научите кои са новите професии днес
• За да разберете кои ще бъдат професиите на бъдещето
• Защото изборът на професия има отношение към твоето щастие и устойчивото бъдеще на света и България
• Защото изборът на професия има отношение към щастието, реализацията и полезността на вашите деца утре