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More than 200 viewers from around the world joined the Bulgarian session, part of the UN Global Compact Virtual Leaders Summit “Recover Better, Recover Stronger, Recover Together”

DSC_3705The Bulgarian panel discussion was conducted in three consecutive sessions, focusing on the changes in business processes and the public, the redefinition of priorities and common practices, all possible thanks to shared common values. The participants in the discussion were Dimitar Tsotsorkov, Chairman of the Board at Assarel-Medet, Elitsa Barakova, executive director of the BCause foundation, Krasimir Nenov, executive director of ContourGlobal Maritsa Iztok 3, Silvia Peneva, managing partner at Deloitte Bulgaria and Ognian Trajanov, owner and CEO of TechnoLogica and chairman of the GC Local Network Bulgaria, moderator of the session,

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World business in a time of crisis – responsibility and solidarity

0In another time the United Nations would call for sustainable solutions of the biggest challenges in the world – from poverty and equality, to climate change and decrease of inequalities. Unfortunately, the expectations for more ambition and immediacy were given an unexpected impetus at the beginning of the year. The good news in this situation is that today we all participate – separately or together, on a local or global level.

The COVID-19 pandemic appeared to be a litmus which brought the willingness, the dedication and the compassion of the private sector for social welfare to the forefront.

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Business in Bulgaria in a time of crisis – responsibility and solidarity

UNGC-slideThe COVID-19 epidemic is an unprecedented challenge for all: public entities, business, the NGO sector and the citizens. 

Throughout the storm, business didn’t withdraw. On the contrary, it fought to adapt to the new reality with regard to human rights.

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Global Compact Local Network in Bulgaria closes the gap between education and business: A large variety of career choices attracted 2000 young people to the fifth annual “Bazaar of professions”


The fifth edition of the unique initiative “Bazaar of professions” attracted close to 2000 students, teachers and parents, 20 companies and organizations and more than 40 lecturers in the two days it was held.

The Bazaar is the largest public exhibition where companies and professionals have the opportunity to introduce students to different occupations. Its goal is to enable children to think about their future profession long before they have to make that life choice. Read more


World Environment Day – Bulgarian companies declare their contribution to clean air and clean environment

IMG_4298United Nations Global Compact Network Bulgaria celebrated the World Environment Day with a kick-off event whose purpose was to inform the society about the health risks caused by air pollution, and to draw the attention on the engagement of business with this issue. World Environment Day is a UN initiative aiming to stimulate the international awareness and actions towards nature conservation and protection. 

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New information brochure for the ‘Proud of my parents’ work’ and Bazaar of professions projects

Promo proud of ENGIn our latest brochure, you will find detailed information about our programmes ‘Proud of my parents’ work’ and the Bazaar of professions, who they are intended for, what you will earn from your participation, and how to get involved in 2019.

‘Seven years ago we were the first ones to acknowledge and show the power of the collective project. We managed to attract the interest of thousands of children, companies, teachers, parents and today this initiative is recognised by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science, the European Commission and the society. The programme has many supporters and followers, said Ognian Trajanov, chairman of the Bulgarian Network.

The sign up for participation in ‘Proud of my parents’ work’ project and the Bazaar of professions is now open. 

See the brochure here.


Successful partnership on the Balkans for the Bulgarian network

DSC_8989As a leader in the Balkans, the Bulgarian network shared its experience with the Macedonian Network during the ‘Conference on Global Objectives for Local Sustainability’. It was held on 14 March in Skopje and was the final stage of the project „Building cross-sectoral partnerships for sustainable development“ financed by the European Union and implemented by the Macedonian organizations Konekt and Agora with the special participation of the Bulgarian UN Global Compact Network. Learn more 


Brochure ‘Proud of my parents’ work’ 2018

Proud of 2018 ENGWe are pleased to present our new brochure, summarizing the information about the last year’s editions of our initiatives ‘Proud of my parents’ work’ and Bazaar of professions.

For the last six editions of the open door day initiative, more than 4000 children and students have visited the participating companies and learned more about a vast variety of professions.

Nearly 6000 children, teachers and parents have visited the Bazaar during its four editions which have given the chance to a larger audience to meet with experts from a wide spectrum of fields.

You can find the brochure here.


UNGC Network Bulgaria 2018 Annual report

Annual report 2018The Bulgarian UN Global Compact Network is pleased to present its annual report presenting all implemented collective programmes and initiatives of the organisation in the past calendar year.

‘2018 was another successful year for the United Nations Global Compact Network Bulgaria. We feel satisfied when we look back to
what we have achieved. The meaningful and sustainable projects of the Bulgarian network made it recognizable and respected among the public. Our collective projects build up the efforts of the individual companies and give new, greater opportunity for the business to show
that it is a force for good. Through our work on the Sustainable development goals and the European Pact for Youth we received recognition for being leaders and visionaries.’, said Ognian Trajanov, Chairman of the Bulgarian Network.

In addition to a summary of the project activity of the Network, in the report you will find more information on the events and advocacy campaigns in the past year, as well as a calendar of the forthcoming projects and initiatives planned for 2019.

You can find the full report here.


The Bazaar of professions helped youth get a better career focus

_DSF7489The fourth edition of the Bazaar of professions welcomed 1500 students, teachers and parents.
During this year’s event the guests could visit 15 interactive stands, creatively presenting the specifics of different types of jobs. With the help of specialists in their field, children had the chance to learn more about professions such as: geologist, engineer, firefighter, chemist, TV/radio presenter and journalist, etc.
What is more, the Bazaar met children with 40 inspiring professionals, coming from the fields of acting, science, music, social entrepreneurship, media, architecture, etc., and learned more about the necessary knowledge and skills one needs to have in order to practice these professions.
With each following edition, the Bazaar continues to grow in popularity. It aims at helping youth learn more about the world of professions thus making them better equipped when choosing their future career path.

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