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Brochure ‘Proud of my parents’ work’ 2018

Proud of 2018 ENGWe are pleased to present our new brochure, summarizing the information about the last year’s editions of our initiatives ‘Proud of my parents’ work’ and Bazaar of professions.

For the last six editions of the open door day initiative, more than 4000 children and students have visited the participating companies and learned more about a vast variety of professions.

Nearly 6000 children, teachers and parents have visited the Bazaar during its four editions which have given the chance to a larger audience to meet with experts from a wide spectrum of fields.

You can find the brochure here.


UNGC Network Bulgaria 2018 Annual report

Annual report 2018The Bulgarian UN Global Compact Network is pleased to present its annual report presenting all implemented collective programmes and initiatives of the organisation in the past calendar year.

‘2018 was another successful year for the United Nations Global Compact Network Bulgaria. We feel satisfied when we look back to
what we have achieved. The meaningful and sustainable projects of the Bulgarian network made it recognizable and respected among the public. Our collective projects build up the efforts of the individual companies and give new, greater opportunity for the business to show
that it is a force for good. Through our work on the Sustainable development goals and the European Pact for Youth we received recognition for being leaders and visionaries.’, said Ognian Trajanov, Chairman of the Bulgarian Network.

In addition to a summary of the project activity of the Network, in the report you will find more information on the events and advocacy campaigns in the past year, as well as a calendar of the forthcoming projects and initiatives planned for 2019.

You can find the full report here.