Date archive: април 2019

New information brochure for the ‘Proud of my parents’ work’ and Bazaar of professions projects

Promo proud of ENGIn our latest brochure, you will find detailed information about our programmes ‘Proud of my parents’ work’ and the Bazaar of professions, who they are intended for, what you will earn from your participation, and how to get involved in 2019.

‘Seven years ago we were the first ones to acknowledge and show the power of the collective project. We managed to attract the interest of thousands of children, companies, teachers, parents and today this initiative is recognised by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science, the European Commission and the society. The programme has many supporters and followers, said Ognian Trajanov, chairman of the Bulgarian Network.

The sign up for participation in ‘Proud of my parents’ work’ project and the Bazaar of professions is now open. 

See the brochure here.


Successful partnership on the Balkans for the Bulgarian network

DSC_8989As a leader in the Balkans, the Bulgarian network shared its experience with the Macedonian Network during the ‘Conference on Global Objectives for Local Sustainability’. It was held on 14 March in Skopje and was the final stage of the project „Building cross-sectoral partnerships for sustainable development“ financed by the European Union and implemented by the Macedonian organizations Konekt and Agora with the special participation of the Bulgarian UN Global Compact Network. Learn more