Date archive: ноември 2019

Global Compact Local Network in Bulgaria closes the gap between education and business: A large variety of career choices attracted 2000 young people to the fifth annual “Bazaar of professions”


The fifth edition of the unique initiative “Bazaar of professions” attracted close to 2000 students, teachers and parents, 20 companies and organizations and more than 40 lecturers in the two days it was held.

The Bazaar is the largest public exhibition where companies and professionals have the opportunity to introduce students to different occupations. Its goal is to enable children to think about their future profession long before they have to make that life choice. Read more


1200 kids got to know a plethora of professions within the project “Proud of my parents’ work” 2019

GTMR-MRB (53)4 November 2019

During the event professionals from all types of industries revealed the secrets of different occupations in an interesting way for the kids – engineer, chemist, geologist, botanist, banker, insurance agent, financier, marketing specialist, tailor, car mechanic, athlete, fireman, landscape architect, freighter, procurator, programmer, 3D artist and many more. Each company presented their occupations in an off-beat fashion though educational games, work-shops, quizzes and work with 3D printers and scanners. Read more