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Business in Bulgaria – responsibility, sustainability and solidarity

08.18.2018-Kofi-AnnanThe universality of the 10 principles of the Global Compact is unarguable, but real benefit only exists when they are used creatively and with regard to local needs. That is why UNGC Network Bulgaria and the member companies are laying the groundwork for longlasting strategies for harmonious, collective actions, aimed at changing public perception. On the road to this change, communities are being built and significant results are being achieved through partnerships under the uniting label“Business as a force for good”.

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UNGC Local Network Bulgaria Annual Report 2019

CaptureThe UNGC Local Network Bulgaria Annual Report for 2019 is published during the peak of a very difficult and unexpected year, which transformed our way of life and rearranged humanity’s agenda. 2020 is the year in which we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the world initiative UN Global Compact. In 2020 we also mark the 10-year anniversary of our Bulgarian Network for responsible companies, which, together with our members, affirms the principles of sustainable development and strives for the advancement of the Global Goals through collective action. The challenges we face in the present once again confirmed our belief for the universality of the principles in the four areas: Ensuring Human Rights, Labour, Protection of the Environment and Anticorruption. Last year, just like every other year, the Bulgarian Network realized projects, which aimed to improve society and the environment in which we live in. Education, healthcare, ecology and active citizenship are the foundations on which we stand on in order to be useful to our community. In the Annual Report you can familiarize yourself with examples of strategic initiatives, which were successfully realized in 2019 and planned for 2020. We are proud of our member companies, which, despite the shock of the pandemic, persevered. They withstood in the new reality and found ways to transform and adapt, without abandoning their  socially responsible policies. They proved that the previously stated positions were not just meaningless words, but rather correspond to real action and that the principles of corporate sustainability are valid in both peaceful times and during extraordinary circumstances. We invite the readers of the report to familiarize themselves with the activities of the Bulgarian Network from last year, because these principles are embedded in them and as a result, they guided the companies and their communities through the unpredictable 2020.

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