Start of the ‘Responsible Choice’ Programme

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11139993_1030448423636864_3564686553458332296_nResponsible Choice Project is an idea stemming from the member-companies of the GC Network Bulgaria. The Network firmly believes it can be part of the solution to pressing social issues such as not transparent practices in the area of consumer rights protection, unethical marketing, increasing consumerism, uninformed and unconscious choice of consumers related to goods and brands that they support with their purchases.

The main objective of the project is to show that the companies can, through transparency in responsible production and supply, demonstrate to the consumers that with their actions the latter have the power to change the production practices, to influence the „fashion“ imposed by advertisers and to nurture anticonsumerist culture in themselves and young people.

The BGCN members have conceived this project as a response to significant public issues, fully aware of their own increasing responsibility and role in addressing them. The project was presented on a special business breakfast by the leaders of the participating companies: Overgas Inc., ContourGlobal Maritsa East 3, TechnoLogica, Sopharma, Mobiltel and the Higher school for insurance and finance.

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