Career adventure for over 1000 children at their parents’ workplace

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More than 1000 children aged 7-14 took part in the sixth edition of the “Proud of my parents’ work” project. The participating companies, which were 21 this year, presented various professions to their young guests through specially designed games and workshops.

With their participation in the open door day event children had the chance to expand their horizons and learn that each one of us, by practicing our distinct profession, plays an essential role for the development of the society. During their visit at the companies, the little guests thought over serious topics such as “What should one do at the present for the world to be better in the future?” – to which they answered that one should study hard and be a good person; that one should protect the environment and be a creative inventor of new tools and technologies.

The companies which participated at this year’s edition of the project represented various industries such as mining, energy, light industry, commerce, media, IT, telecommunications, banking, pharmaceutics, logistics and creative industry: A1, Amer Sports Bulgaria, Asarel Medet, Borica, Bulsatcom, Solvay, Doverie-Brico, Dundee Precious Metals, Kontur Global Maritsa Iztok 3, Concordia Bulgaria Foundation, Melexis, Neochim, UBB, Overgas, Postbank, Sopharma Pharmaceuticals, Stomana Industry, TechnoLogica, Transpress and Chaos group.

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