The Bazaar of professions helped youth get a better career focus

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_DSF7489The fourth edition of the Bazaar of professions welcomed 1500 students, teachers and parents.
During this year’s event the guests could visit 15 interactive stands, creatively presenting the specifics of different types of jobs. With the help of specialists in their field, children had the chance to learn more about professions such as: geologist, engineer, firefighter, chemist, TV/radio presenter and journalist, etc.
What is more, the Bazaar met children with 40 inspiring professionals, coming from the fields of acting, science, music, social entrepreneurship, media, architecture, etc., and learned more about the necessary knowledge and skills one needs to have in order to practice these professions.
With each following edition, the Bazaar continues to grow in popularity. It aims at helping youth learn more about the world of professions thus making them better equipped when choosing their future career path.

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