Governance Structure

Global Compact Local Network Bulgaria (GCLN Bulgaria) is a non-profit association which has a National, a Monitoring, and an Expert Councils, as well as a General Assembly.

  • Chairman and National Council
  1. Ognian Trajanov, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of GCLN Bulgaria and Executive Director of ‘TechnoLogica’
  2. ‘Overgas Inc.’ JSC, represented by Sasho Donchev, CEO
  3. ‘ContourGlobal Maritsa East 3’, represented by Garry Levesley, CEO
  4. ‘Solvay Sodi’, represented by Spiros Nomikos, CEO
  5. BCause Foundation, represented by Elitsa Barakova, Executive Director
  6. University of Finance, Business, and Entrepreneurship, represented by  Prof. Grigoriy Vazov, Rector
  7. ‘Sopharma’ JSC, represented by Ognian Donev, CEO
  • Monitoring Council
  1. ‘Assarel-Medet’ JSC
  2. A1
  3. Foundation ‘SOFIMUN‘, represented by Dimiter Mandradjiev, Chairman
  • Expert Council
  1. Elena Krasteva, ‘Communication Strategies and CSR’ Director, ‘Sopharma’ JSC
  2. Elena Mateeva, ‘Advertising and Communications’ Manager, ‘Sopharma’ JSC
  3. Mario Kamenov, Director of the ‘Center for Continuing and Professional Training’, at the University of Finance, Business, and Entrepreneurship
  4. Meglena Geneva, Head of Public Relations Department, ‘TechnoLogica’