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November 2019

This year, close to 1200 employee kids from 20 different companies participated in the seventh annual edition of the “Proud of my parents’ work” initiative. During National Awakening Day, kids between 7 and 16 years of age visited the offices and factories of 20 different companies, in order to learn not only where and what their parents do, but also plenty of new and useful information about different professions and their importance for society.

During the event professionals from all types of industries revealed the secrets of different occupations   in an interesting way for the kids – engineer, chemist, geologist, botanist, banker, insurance agent, financier, marketing specialist, tailor, car mechanic, athlete, fireman, landscape architect, freighter, procurator, programmer, 3D artist and many more. Each company presented their occupations in an off-beat fashion though educational games, work-shops, quizzes and work with 3D printers and scanners.

Since its beginning 7 years ago, the “Proud of my parents’ work” initiative has seen more than 5200 kids cross the door of their parents’ workplace. The main goal of the program “Proud of my parents’ work” is to show children that hard work is a requisite and a virtue, that every person is valuable and important for society, regardless of their occupation. The initiative serves as proof for the visionary and socially responsible role businesses play.

The program will conclude with the already traditional “Bazaar of professions” – an initiative, inspired by social interest, which helps with early career orientation and encourages the importance of making a conscious choice for following a given career. On the 22nd and 23rd of November, in Sofia Tech Park, the participants will have the opportunity to meet professionals from different fields, who will convey interesting facts about their occupation, why it is important and how a normal work day proceeds. Through interactive booths and lectures from young people, the bazaar will emphasise those skills, which rest at the core of modern trades. The bazaar is free entry for organized school groups on Friday and for all who wish to attend on Saturday. It’s appropriate for students (8-16 years of age), teachers and parents.

The companies, which participated in the seventh annual edition of the initiative “Proud of my parent’s work” are the following: A1, Amar Sports, Asarel Medet JSC, Aurubis AG Bulgaria, Metal Technology Group, DZI Insurance, Doverie – Brico JSC, IOW Bulgaria, ContourGlobal Maritsa East 3 TPP, Melexis Bulgaria, Neochim, UBB, Overgas, Postbank, Solvay Bulgaria, Sopharmacy, Stomana Industry S.A., TechnoLogica, Transpress and Chaos Group. Ecopack, Deloitte, the Air Traffic Services Authorities /ATSA/ and Festo Productions will also join for the bazaar.

You can find photos from the event on the FB profile of the Network.

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