The fifth edition of the unique initiative “Bazaar of professions” attracted close to 2000 students, teachers and parents, 20 companies and organizations and more than 40 lecturers in the two days it was held.

The Bazaar is the largest public exhibition where companies and professionals have the opportunity to introduce students to different occupations. Its goal is to enable children to think about their future profession long before they have to make that life choice.


“Responsible business invests in the future. Through the “Bazaar of professions”, we enable children to see the magic of exploration and science, to see how inspiring it is to create.”, said Ognian Trajanov, Chairman of the GC Network Bulgaria. 

The collective effort from all companies that are part of our Local Network in Bulgaria plays an important role in bringing forward sustainable solutions that will have long lasting effects for generations to come. This programme organized by Global Compact Network Bulgaria does just that as it brings companies together to focus on the youth and on building a sustainable future. The role of business is to be innovative not only in terms of the products and services they deliver, but also in addressing sustainability challenges and recognizing the opportunities ahead.”, said Ole Hansen, director of “Global Oprations” at UNGC in New York, while congratulating the participants.

It is very exciting that we can bring the knowledge of both students and business together in one place. In this way, kids understand that some of the things learned at school can be applied practically in their work environment.”, said Dr. Jane Muita, UNICEF representative in Bulgaria. UNICEF took part in the Bazaar for the first time this year, representing the profession “Child’s Rights protector”.


Children familiarized themselves with a plethora of professions at the companies’ interactive stands: they controlled robots, prevented cyber-attacks, build gas installations, conducted experiments, anchored the news, animated dinosaurs and much more. Professionals also held lectures for different professions: pilot, biologist, scientist, astrophysicist, 3D artist, composer, writer, photographer, athlete, energy engineer and a cybersecurity specialist.

The “Bazaar of professions” is an initiative, which has the power to change the lives of kids and young people in Bulgaria. GC Network Bulgaria once again proved that its a pioneer in conducting innovative practices for sustainable development.

In 2020 business efforts to address and tackle social issues will continue with even greater dedication. That is why the eighth edition of the initiative „Proud of my parents’ work“ will be held in November 2020 as well. Its concluding event, the „Bazaar of professions“, will be held for the sixth consecutive time and  the dates are already set: the 27th and 28th of November, 2020 in Sofia Tech Park. GC Bulgaria Network and our members strive to prove that business is a force for good and out projects through 2020 will continue to showcase this belief.