Date archive: март 2021

Responsible Business Leaders can help solve societal problems

1„The responsible business has a grant task ahead of it currently, given that peoples trust in it is very high, over 80% of individuals expect it to solve problems, while the state is in the background. Businesses are burdened with the expectation to respond to any problems and look for opportunities. It has a strong side to it, namely that it is inherent to seek solutions to problems, to innovate, do try, to find creative solutions to a variety of situations and after that to offer them to people.“, sajr Darina Georgieva, executive director of Local Network Bulgaria. „So the role of the leaders in the UN Global Compact Network Bulgaria, from what we observe in our daily work is to think in the long run, to think about their employees, to think and work with care for the environment in which they operate. as there are many companies in the chemical industry, mining, energy, telecommunications and they cannot work in the isolation in their “cube” alone. They are connected to their employees, their customers and the environment and their role is to think in all directions and to implement this responsible in their strategies and way of work, with thought for all these groups.“, she added.

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