The programme falls under Goal 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production and aims at empowering citizens with an increasingly proactive stance and confidence that their everyday consumer choices and acts matter.

The ‘Responsible Choice’ Project is an idea stemming from the member-companies of the GC Network Bulgaria. The main objective of the project is to show that the companies can, through transparency in responsible production and supply, demonstrate to the consumers that with their actions the latter have the power to change the production practices, to influence the „fashion“ imposed by advertisers and to nurture anticonsumerist culture in themselves and young people. With this project we wish to provide citizens with an increasingly proactive stance thus imparting to them the confidence and sense of duty, that  it is all up to them.

The project was officially launched with a business breakfast with representatives of the leader companies and a flashmob by the students of the Luben Groys Theatre College. You can watch the flashmob in Bulgarian here. Its pilot edition includes on-the-job employee trainings on responsible consumption and purchase choice and decision making. Topics on informed choice, misleading marketing and advertisement, civil education and etc. will be added later on.

1269336_1232674383414266_8387785735693608378_o Edition 2016 of the ‘Responsible Choice’ Programme
Georg Kell, executive director of the UNGC Start of the ‘Responsible Choice’ Programme 2015