“Games for good” – or how the business, sports, good health, and the meaningful causes go hand in hand 

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The project “Games for good” aims to show that the responsible companies, the good health of the employees, sports and the meaningful causes can go hand in hand. For that purpose the Bulgarian network organises sports tournaments where each of the companies participating, has pre-selected a charity cause in the name of which they give their maximum effort to win the competition’s prize fund.

During this year’s pilot edition there were organised four separate tournaments in several different sports disciplines: football, tennis on court, cycling and volleyball. A total of 93 enthusiasts coming from 5 member companies took part in the competitions, and 7500 BGN (3800 EUR) were given out for charity. The “Games for good” project is part of the Bulgarian network’s collective programme “Healthy at work” and is directly related to executing Network’s Strategic plan goals on Sustainable Development Goal 3 “Good Health and Well-Being”.

Ideology of the project

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  • Sports tournaments where the participating company teams compete in the name of meaningful causes
  • Participation in various types of sports competitions in football, tennis on court, volleyball, cycling
  • Participation in a multi-layered project where the focus is not only on the donation but also on the employees’ good health

Target group of the project

  • The companies which recognize the ideology and values of the project
  • The companies which aim at creating strong relationship with the local community
  • The companies which acknowledge the project’s added value for the employees, their good health, the employers and the society

Why should you participate in the project

  • It focus is on the values of charity and good health
  • It addresses meaningful social causes in the name of which the companies participate
  • It stimulates the active and healthy lifestyle and brings a positive message to the public
  • It represents a collective project consisting of various sports disciplines that has a positive effect on the community, reflected by the charitable causes of the participants

For more information of the project, please contact us on secretariat@unglobalcompact.bg.

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