The wild calls for life.

Celebrating the World environment day.

Results 2016.

The World environment day is being annually celebrated on June 5th (WED2016) and the Bulgarian Network of the UN Global Compact celebrates it since 2012.

This year’s topic is under the motto “The wild calls for life” and it focuses on the poaching, the illegal trade with wild animals or trophies made of them, as well as on the nonregulated fishery, all of which lead to endangering the flora and fauna variety.

The Bulgarian Network of the UN Global Compact organised an information campaign with the expertise of its partner the Green Balkans Association and the support of the Bulgarian mining and geology chamber. The campaign aimed at focusing the attention to the misuse of nature’s resources and to encourage people to change their habits. 


The initiative was held in two specific elements – a virtual public event and an internal communication among over 10 000 of the employees working in the member companies of the Bulgarian network.  

The virtual event titled “The wild in a cage. Shopping for an exotic pet” acquainted the participants and the readers with some of the most endangered from poachers local species as well as with the most popular “present” for small children – the parrots. The reasons why these species are endangered and the ways each one of us can fight with this trend, were also presented at the event.

The second element of the campaign was the strong internal communication among over 10 000 of the employees working in the Bulgarian network’s member companies. The topical visualization and information materials were given out to the employees of Aurubis Bulgaria, Overgas, TechnoLogica, E&Y Bulgaria, and many more. Companies such as Devnya Cement, Asarel-Medet and Central Contour Global Maritsa East 3 celebrated the day together with their partnering organisations.


Devnya Cement organised an educational event with children from several local schools at the Golden Sands Nature Park. The children were presented with videoclips from the so called “video traps” – short movies of wild animals filmed in their natural environment. They also took part in an organised tour called “The song of the forest” – an interactive tour presenting in a creative way the bird kingdom. An outdoor lesson at the “forest classroom” was also facilitated for the children.


Representatives of Central Contour Global Maritsa East 3 and the Wildlife rescue “Green Balkans” visited the children at a local kindergarten in Galabovo. The children had the chance to see the falcon named Hercules, who due to its permanent injuries cause by abusive human behaviour, will never be able to fly but will instead be given a permanent home at the Wildlife rescue centre.

The more we know of, the more we become aware of the consequences our decisions have on the wildlife, humans and the planet.

Read the conversation with dr. Hristina Klisurova who is a vet at the Green Balkans Association