The programme began at Sopharma Business Towers at 8:30 followed by the culinary part of the educational reality. Children from different local schools took part in а shopping game, followed by food preparation for a party under the supervision of an experienced chef. After the participants enjoyed the food which they prepared themselves, they saw the path of the garbage they created to the recycling factory and to the Bulgarian food bank. During the entire trip, the children had to share their experience at the social media.

The aim of the trip with a good cause “The path of the food” is for the students and their friends to develop a responsible consumers attitude, to be critical, to search for alternatives and to consume with moderation because every action leads to a  positive change for the planet.

Every year on June 5th people around the world are celebrating the World environment day. The topic in 2015 “Seven million dreams. One planet. Consume with moderation”, focuses on the responsible consumption and the sustainable way of life. For the third consecutive year in Bulgaria an facilitator of the initiative was the Bulgarian Network of the UN Global Compact.   

You can see pictures from the event here