UN Global Compact Logo Policy

While the UN Global Compact logo is for use by our initiative only, we encourage participants in good standing to use the Endorser „We Support“ logo. It can be used, for example, on websites and relevant print materials to communicate your commitment to the initiative and raise awareness of the UN Global Compact.

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Permission to Use the Logo

To use the Endorser logo, you must submit a request using the online logo request system. Every use of the Endorser logo requires prior permission.

An exception is the COP logo is available for participants to include in their COP without prior permission. Click on the image below to download the logo.

Brand Guidelines

When using the Endorser logo with permission, please strictly adhere to the guidelines regarding its reproduction, display and spacing as outlined in the UN Global Compact Brand Guidelines.

Local Network Bulgaria and its members strictly adhere to the Logo and Brand Policies of the UN Global Compact. Further information can be found in the United Nations Global Compact Logo Policy.